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Isabell Agumbah is a well-established accountant with extensive experience in the financial industry.

Isabell Agumbah earned her Master’s Degree in Accounting from Kean University.   Kean University is known to be one of the country’s most renowned universities in that field of study, and Isabell considers it a great honor to have attended the prestigious institution.  As Isabell has made herself known as an expert in accounting, she has worked for multiple corporations that have greatly benefitted from her deep industry insights and experience.  In her most recent position, Isabell oversaw the preparation of financial statements, monitored transactions, and acted as a liaison between clients and her company.

Having worked for some of the finest companies in the world, Isabell Agumbah has offered sound financial services that meet an array of different needs, including, but not limited to, investment management, asset management, understanding intricate regulations and their influence on client portfolios, and risk assessment.  Isabell’s efficient work ethic and personality combine to form the perfect accounting expert, meeting the needs of whatever her clients need from her.

Finance is Isabell Agumbah’s pride and joy, and she executes her duties with utmost diligence and commitment. She worked in the industry during the economic crisis of 2008 (one of the most tumultuous periods for the U.S economy) which enabled her to acquire relevant skills in the field of accounting. In addition to this, she also has experience in the hospitality industry and, therefore, has apt skills in the service-delivery sphere.

Isabell Agumbah: A Kean University Alum

Kean University, Isabel Agumbah’s alma mater, located in New Jersey, USA, offers a wide variety of studies for globally learning students.  There are 52 undergraduate, 35 graduate, and 85 higher education programs of study for students to select from.  With their fierce loyalty to diversity, Kean boasts itself to be a teaching university, showing students that doing research, embracing technological advancements, and earning scholarships can lead one down a successful path.  They provide thorough resources for foreign students who have language and/or cultural barriers, and offer a gambit of knowledge on how to give back to the local community in a profound way.  Kean prides itself as being the third largest university in New Jersey and looks forward to a continually bright future in offering post-secondary education to the region and world at large.

  • Organization 95% 95%
  • Time Management 90% 90%
  • Adaptability 95% 95%
  • Communication 100% 100%

Isabell Agumbah: An Empath for Immigrants

Isabell Agumbah has a love and passion for her industry and wants to spread her financial know-how with her surrounding community. She particularly loves to help immigrants, as she, too, was once an immigrant.  Isabell aims to enlighten them on how to get a solid financial footing in this country after their long travels here. Isabell wants to extend her reach to Kenya, her place of origin, with her financial services, as she feels so grateful for all that America has provided her. Her goal is to help Kenyans understand how personal finance works to offer them a more holistic approach to their financial situations.

Part of what drives Isabell Agumbah is that according to immigration data from 2014, approximately 13.3% of the 318.9 billion people in the United States are immigrants.  Immigrants, representing such a large chunk of the US population, bring unique skills to the table that as a country, America needs to focus on, represent, and support.  Immigrants have plenty to offer, but oftentimes, their language barriers and lack of understanding about the US economy make it exceedingly difficult to obtain a steady job that pays well.  Because of this, Isabell desires to connect with immigrants and teach them about personal finance.

Isabell Agumbah’s initiative is fueled by the fact that many immigrants are disadvantaged because they do not have a working understanding of how things function in the country. Her literacy program will touch on tax codes, stock markets retirement planning, and life and funeral insurance. She hopes to inculcate a culture of financial responsibility and security into these people one day with all her skills and resources.

Eventually, Isabell Agumbah is keen on extending her services to her country of birth. She believes that she can integrate the principles that prop the U.S economy into the social dynamics of her home country’s economy to give a more holistic approach towards finance. She is a proponent of real estate investment as a mode of reinforcing financial security for individuals and their families. Other than her interest in finance, Isabell also loves indulging in travel and is a fierce advocate against domestic violence.

Isabell Agumbah: A Supporter of Domestic Violence Victims

In the future, it is Isabell Agumbah’s goal is to establish a national non-profit organization, focused on victims and their loved ones.  The objectives of this goal are to provide women and their loved ones a safe haven from their abusers, as well as education on topics such as domestic violence statistics, self-defense, and emergency planning.   Her means of enacting these objectives is through establishing centers around the country that (1) keep them physically safe and (2) properly inform them of all their options in dire circumstances, as well as tools and services they can use at their disposal.